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Music Converter & CD Ripper shows % on a Windows 7 taskbar Encoder settings stored at start of conversion and used through-out conversion (allows a 2nd conversion to take place at the same time with different settings) Multi-encoder added as standard mp3 Sort Tags supported TSOA - Album, TSO2 - Album Artist, TSOP - Artist, TSOC - Composer and TSOT - Title (sam as iTunes) mp3 year tag written as YYYY only Scripting now 64 bit compatible Explorer Shell - Audio Property tab shows correctly in X64 Windows Professional Frequency Conversion enabled by default (option to disable removed) .bwf added to wave decoder Batch Converter supports Windows Libraries on Windows 7 PerfectMeta - matches [xxx] & (xxx), ' / ' & '/' as same Naming - [IFCOMP] tests against anything that is not 'no' and 'false' rather than '1' mp3 Lame Encoder - quality settings expanded to include half quality values (ie -V 4.5) flac Apple Lossless encoder and decoder included as standard AIFF encoder & decoder included as standard mp3 ID Tagging - Comment Tags (other than simple comment, such as iTunesNorm) are preserved, also language code correctly set for comment mp3 ID Tagging - Lyrics ID3v2 tag (unsync) supported Profiles for music converter (have to first enable in dBpoweramp Configuration >> Music Converter >> Enable Profiles in Converter), create profiles by selecting [Create New Profile] in the encoder box Edit ID Tag page redesigned, Album art can be added to multiple files in one go, the add button allows adding art from: Internet, File, Scanner, etc CD Ripper & Batch Converter - if move the page to another larger display the page is drawn correctly I just wanted to say this application is brilliant. It does exactly what it says it does, simply and easily. Thank you How to Convert between Audio, Extract Audio from Video in Windows 10 level our website convert m3u to mp3 The Best flac to mp3 converter freeware After deciding which LAME tracks will get the makeover and be turned into MP3s, it's time to define the output location where the processed files will be saved, as well as the temporary folder that the software will utilize while working on the selected songs. Free WMA to MP3 is a lightening quick audio format conversion utility which supports conversion of WMA audio files into MP3 files or WAV files. While the software doesn’t support any other input format and can only convert WMA files, the utility’s amazing performance (can convert long audio files within 10 seconds) makes up for the lack of options it provides. Free WMA to MP3 is a single-purpose utility with its sole purpose being the conversion of heavy WMA files into MP3 format and it does it with speed and precision. Great performance combined with a user-friendly interface, free WMA to MP3 is a useful offering for people who have a large collection of WMA files that need to be converted into MP3 format. Website URL: http://www.audio-transcoder.com/how-to-convert-flac-files-to-mp3